RTO and RPO in disaster recovery?

In this section, I m going to quickly explain RTO and RPO which are mostly used in your disaster recovery strategy. Before digging into this topic, I would recommend to read this blog

Disaster Recovery Strategy in AWS

RTO (Recovery Time Object) is the time difference between the disaster starting time and system restoring time. Let’s suppose the disruption happens in your infrastructure. Depends on your disaster recovery strategy, your infrastructure will be restored sometime later, and the business process will continue accordingly. This time interval can be entitled Recovery Time Object (RTO).

RPO (Recovery Point Objective) is the recovery point after a disaster occurred. When the system is running, your data is being backed up on a regular basis. Back up time depends on your strategy (e.g. two times in an hour). Let’s suppose your data is being backed up in every hour and a disaster happens 30 min later after the last backup. This means that your system will lose 30 min of data, and last back up time would be your Recovery Point Objective(RPO)

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Data & Cloud Architect and Trainer .